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This is a taste test – Turkey Phone Number List have guests take turns taste testing various unmarked jars of baby food and guessing each flavor. The person with the most correct guesses wins. With all games, it’s much more fun to have prizes for the winners. Turkey Phone Number List This is also a good incentive for those guests Turkey Phone Number List who may be a bit reluctant to participate (particularly the guys). It can also create a fun and friendly competitive environment.

As you can see planning a successful baby shower is easier than you think. And making it a co-ed party makes it even more fun for everyone. Turkey Phone Number List Co-ed baby showers create a fun and exciting atmosphere, especially when you see the guys joining in on all the games and excitement! Both parents will get to Turkey Phone Number List share the memorable event that you were oh so kind to host!

Jennie Ramirez & Monica Reyes are the co-founders of Hip Chick Hostess, Turkey Phone Number List a party planning blog that empowers women with the confidence to take an ordinary idea and make it extraordinary – Turkey Phone Number List all while still having enough time and energy to dazzle and wow the crowd! For more great party planning ideas sign up for the Hip Turkey Phone Number List Chick Hostess weekly newsletter

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